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We must become undisciplined, writes Christina Sharpe. In the Wake_Chapter One | Do you see?


The context – This work arises from the simultaneous realities that while 1 in 3 Black Americans know somebody who has been hospitalized from or died of COVID-19, fewer than 1 in 8 White Americans inhabit this space of personal and community grief. The negation and disregard in White America for the severity and embodied impact of (not just) COVID-19 on Black communities does not exist outside of this lived disparity – it is the direct cause as well as the direct result of it. And how does disparity arise? Can we agree that it doesn’t cause itself?

For those of us who are White: how can we shoulder the weight of this reality so that those who grieve can properly honor their experience and who they mourn?

The counter. And what is very likely the reality of this undercounting [NPR report 050621]


[Western Prom × Carroll; gelatin silver print; 2017]