Some of this is life that feels like work and a lot of this is work that feels like life and I’m never really sure which of it is ever in balance anyway. Sometimes i think time was invented so we don’t explode from it all happening at once.


plus – on the short list of things that have gotten me this far:

the best album of 1985 – hands down and no contest – was definitely Rum, Sodomy and the Lash.
i’m mostly a lover, not a fighter – that means we’ve never been rivals and there’s no competition.
Chucks are as groovy now as they were in high school, plus you can get bees on em and rainbow soles these days.
i’m impressed as all hell that Neal Stephenson wrote the Baroque Cycle longhand on yellow legal pads.
5 of us in that boat, me with the tiller and those 4 boys, two on a side and only one of them there to port rowing to beat the band, the other three all arms crossed and no way. I ain’t rowin’ no f*ckin’ boat, from the one there to starboard as we went in slow circles. So I kicked the drain plug out.
Class III/+ is still kinda my limit most days and adrenaline still definitely makes me want to barf. But, slowly, slowly, you know? there’s no real limit if you don’t push it.
Definitely terriers. Especially Scotties. If I ever find a blind mini Bull Terrier again on the Rescue page he’s coming home with me. I don’t know why I even thought about it twice. Why does nobody else call them ‘tens of thousands’ and why would you pick anything but chocolate?
passionfruit, probably. or maybe custard apple. or mango mixed with coconut. i can’t decide.
that whale shark in the Seychelles on the most-of-the-way-round.
Neovision vision there on the shoreline on my first day out after the Vitamin Z. Another three or four rounds with this and I’ll be coming for you, Gulo gulo.
i have no idea, mostly because whatever. It’s smoother that way, and i prefer it smooth.


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