= 4 people at a time × once per second × 18 hrs.

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This piece is arising out of the dual realities that while 1 in 3 Black Americans know somebody who has been hospitalized or died of COVID-19, only 1 in 9 White Americans reside in this space of personal and community grief. The invisibility of COVID-19 in White America does not exist outside of this space of disparity – it is the direct result of it. As White Americans, we ask: how can we shoulder the weight of this reality to help those who need and so that those who grieve can properly honor who they’ve lost? We ask this too: how can we shoulder the reality that for approximately 1/4 of U.S.reported COVID-19 fatalities, the race of the Deceased is not known. This statistic is not focused directly on the question of how race is embodied; it is focused on the structure of how Race is categorized and constrained in the counting and by whom.


Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html




For JBW – [Ph.D. Mathematics – University of Pennsylvania 1948] – For teaching us all what to do with really big numbers.