What brambles up.

Citrus trifoliata. How do you tell a story about growing up? Work in progress.

Harry and Harriette Moore – |

Groveland –

we are the half-destroyed instruments / that once held to a course, wrote the poet. I could tell you exactly where and how I was on the day that history boiled over. For me, at least. Maybe turning up the heat more slowly is a better way, who knows. Maybe, though, what we’re talking about is the difference between valuing the process and valuing the goal. The difference between convincing yourself, maybe, that living in the process is the necessary exercise in poise that holds you steady instead of knowing just exactly how much momentum is what we need to move us full on through and on to where we need to go. This feels true: there is no change without turbulence; and so, in reality – it may only ever be the pocket full of 9Vs that sparks the gap that brings us right back down to ground.