01.01.19. || Rebel Blend Fund Grant – Intersection || This project is an intersection of advocacy × public health × community outreach using intentionally temporary installations for community engagement. The goal of these installations is inclusivity, although specifically on each individuals own terms and only to the extent that it feels safe. The hope with this project is that if we can find some aspect of ourselves in each other’s reality, we can reduce the stigma that surrounds needing help on issues like mental health, food security, physical safety and substance use that can be sources of personal and community struggle. Paste-ups for this project have been installed with approval of property owners, typically in locations already slated for cleaning or repainting. For some of the installations, resource panels are included that contain relevant community support services. The content of the resource panels will remain highlighted here on project tabs after the paste-ups are removed. || 12.6.21 – Got a team and some steady funds now (thank you!) – please let us know ( where and for who and we can help get it designed and pasted.





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