write a letter, she said

to your childhood self.


hey you, hey, little Karen – that thing with the light? and the too-tall trees? yeah – it’s real. it’s okay to talk about it if you want to. it’s okay to keep it a secret too. i think you know that already. i’m just here to promise you you’ll see it again.

you’ll see it when you’re 21 – in that marsh in Dartmouth, MA when the grasses all bob their heads in time and the world goes wide and like you’ve never heard it silent. and you’ll see it when you’re 32 – walking down that street in Salt Lake City with your head all full of science. you’ll turn that corner and it’ll bring your spirit to its knees. and you’ll see it when you’re 45 – Union Square and you all one step out of pace with the world this time and terrified – but he’ll be there like he promised he would be and it’ll all be all right when the light comes down.

no, darlin’. i don’t know what it is, but i promise it doesn’t matter. you don’t ever have to care anymore than you do right now – spinning slowly with your eyes gone wide – all you ever have to do is watch.

it won’t hurt you. i promise.

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