Take a Beaker

 – maybe  2L so you have space – and fill it full of crystal solution. It doesn’t matter the crystal – the goal is the same. Then heat it slow so the beaker doesn’t crack. Heat it until all the crystal melts and the beaker is full of that amber liquid. That golden light. Now turn the hotplate off and let it cool. Slow and steady. Don’t touch the beaker. Don’t stir the melt. Just let it cool. Let the temperature come right down to that melt point and then keep right on going. Don’t touch anything. And watch what doesn’t happen. Here at this temperature below which something should have happened but didn’t, you are in the Plenum. You are in the state of active potential. And nothing is happening, but that thing you are watching for – that first seed crystallization and then that wild race of outward flowering until the beaker is so suddenly full – that thing could happen at any moment. It could happen because the glass wasn’t perfectly clean. Or because a truck drove by outside. Or because someone slammed a door. Or – if you’ve done everything right and you’ve held that space in perfect exquisite stillness – because you’ve leaned carefully over the top of that beaker and you’ve exhaled.



And your heart is beating and I am still thinking my way through how this feels:

whenever power becomes active, Shakti exists.

Shakti is the energy that lies dormant in all things. She is activation. She is movement. She is that exhalation on that golden light. And Shiva – the king of all yogis – the divine masculine – he is the Plenum. He holds the space. And I am still thinking my way through this idea too – he holds the space.

The active principle.
The passive principle.

Do you see how this is wild?
Do you see what culture does?

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