Shooting Square


Because it may be the hardest form to shoot well.

Because within the square is a circle and within that circle is another square.

Because converging geometry speaks a pleasing language.

Because it is a constraint rattling within freedom.

Because one response to symmetry is attraction.

Because the image reduces to a point.

Because a point is a drishti.

Because even with the pull of that point there are always surprises.

Because it is freedom looping within a constraint.

Because within the surprises are other drishtis.

Because the eye trails a bounded arc as it sees.

Because it is the border around a bullseye.

Because it is mathematically precise.

Because it is already framed.

Because it is rare.

Because it is familiar.

Because it holds the moon.

Because it is an album cover.

Because a second response to symmetry is distrust.

Because – as with so much that we do – it is always one part a conversation with memory.

Because on the 13th frame, it starts anew.

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