I honestly don’t know. styrofoam heads. sometimes with wigs. sometimes bald. I was thinking, maybe, about streamlines and buzzcuts and how much I like it when he palms mine and cancer treatment and health and what happens when you send one of em down 2000 m on a hydrocast (answer: it comes back up very very small), and probably in there also somewhere, about Belladonna. and they have more expression than you’d think they would, you know? I never went looking for them – they were just there: wigs on. wigs off. sometimes with hats. and then one image rattled down and dropped: it was (and is, there right below) V: The Hierophant – and then I started thinking about the tarot. and hmmm, that was interesting. and I went back through some other street shot prints I’d done and there were other cards already. and hmmm, that was interesting too. and then it was time to wander out and start drifting down the rest of the deck. and that’s more or less what started happening next.











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