…so far. Including the one in Cuba and 13 in the former Eastern Bloc. I can’t say that the contamination released from these facilities is necessarily more or worse than that released from similar facilities in other locations, nor that the ecological and human health impacts of these releases are more significant (either on average or in the extreme – I mean, what’s 10 tons of mercury when it’s literally overshadowed by the Release of all Releases at whose location there’s still no further need to say what: Chernobyl). But, it’s historically important what the Soviets did during the Cold War, and where: we had our Invisible Cities, they had theirs; we leaned political, economic and industrial weight into countries within our orbit, they did too in theirs. How does the aftermath of all that look differently in different places? With respect to legacy impacts of the mercury cell chlor-alkali industry, I’m not at all sure I can say yet. [writing & research project in development – starting with these folks].